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Welcome to my site, Ahladam means happiness, I will post which ever content interests or makes me happy at that time. Hope it also brings happiness to you. While posting the content if any of the content is copy righted please let me know, I will request the rights for publishing, other wise I will immediately remove the said content. If you have any suggestions or any material you want to add please feel free to drop me a line. Oh I almost forgot, I also recently added forums, so please feel free to add your questions or comments there too.


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  1. Ravindranath N
    August 7, 2016 at 6:02 am

    Munduga Pranamamulu,

    Meedi manchi prayatnam. Naluguriki upayoga pade panulu chese vaari kovalo ki mee boti varu vastaru.

    Purana vyri grantha mala ni kooda memu chadive erpatu cheya galaru
    Videsa la lo unna maa pillalu ,mnavalu, manumarallu, visesham gaa chaduvukuntaru.

    . Maro blog lo Viswanatha vaari navala nayika Rana Rambhadevi gurinchi chadavatam jarigindi

    Abhivandanala tho

    N Ravindranath

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