New Born Baby item list

1.playtex feeding bottels

2,Diaper genieII(diaper disposable)

3.First Aid kit

4.bottle sterilizer

5.feeding bottels brush for cleaning

6.oil,Aveeno bath and body wash

7.huggies diapers

8.huggies wipes

9.stroller with car seat

10.purell(hand wash)

11.pacifiers (if your baby uses one)

12.Diaper rash cream

13.Inflatable baby bathtub

14.Clothes, socks, and booties or shoes
(Blankets,bibs,wash cloths,mittins for hands,receiving blanket, cap, burp cloths  )
15.Diaper bag


17. Humidifier (to help with decongestion during colds)

18. Alcohol Swabs

19. New Born Comb

20. Bulb Syringe to clean nose

21. New born wrapper





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